How to Replace and Clean a Tub Drain

There are times when you may find that you need to replace or clean out the tub drain. If you try to clean the tub drain first, you may be able to resolve any problems that may have caused it to not work in the first place, such as debris in the tub drain plug. If it still does not drain properly, you have to remove and completely replace the tub drain. Most replacements can be purchased at home improvement stores.

How to replace the tub drain
• Determine what type of bathtub you have – with or without a mounting lever. A lever-mounted drain means that you have the extra hand lever to plug and unplug the tub drain, mounted on top of your own drain.
• Turn the lever to open mode if you have a bathtub with the lever mounted drain. If not, go to the next step.
• Record the drain plug and turn it counterclockwise to unscrew it. Eventually it will come free, even if you have to rock it back and forth and move to pull it. A clogged drain may be harder to remove, but keep turning and lifting it.
• Clean the tub drain at this time if this is your definitive intention to solve your tub problem. If you have a spare drain tub, remove the container.
• Place the new (or clean) drain by replacing the plug and turning to screw in. Now your drain has been replaced.

How to clean out a tub drain
• Remove the drain tub according to the previous steps.
• Pull any loose residue from the drain plug. Tufts of hair and dirt can be easily removed with your fingers.
• Use a toothbrush and a bath cleaner to drain the bathtub thoroughly. Use a cleaner for rust spots and hard-to-clean areas.
• REINSTALL the clean drain tub by placing it in the drain hole and screwing it counterclockwise until it fits properly.

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