Tips to Sell Your Home Yourself

Show the potential of your property

Make sure buyers can see the potential of your home or apartment. It is not necessary to have a complete renovation project with a scale model designed by an architect, but try to give buyers a blank canvas. Store personal items such as family photos, invoices and clothing in a closet, make room by moving too large furniture to the attic or your new home and give dark or brightly colored walls a lick of white paint. Finally, extensive cleaning and gardening can do wonders.

Publish an attractive and honest advertisement

You only get one chance for a first impression. It is therefore crucial that your ad is attractive and potential buyers are curious about a visit to the building. Qualitative photos are an absolute must: clean up your house well and take the photos during the day so that they are well-lit. Add enough photos to your ad and also scan a floor plan of your home if you have one.

Write an appealing, clear text to convince potential buyers. Express the assets of your home, but be honest about the less good aspects. This way you avoid misunderstandings and you do not get to contend with disillusioned visitors.

The right price

Whether you have lived in it for 30 years or if it is purely an investment, you want to sell your house at the best price. You know for yourself what you have paid for the property and how much you have invested in the renovation and maintenance, but when determining the asking price it is especially important that you take into account the current real estate market.

Ammonite real has developed an estimation module that helps owners to determine the asking price for their home, the real Estimate. The module uses public data from the government and the information you provide about your home to determine the value of your home. The result is an expected asking price for an average house with the same characteristics in the same neighborhood. Because each building is unique, you cannot consider this as an official valuation of your house, but it gives you an idea of how much your house is worth. It is therefore recommended to supplement the Real Estimate with a valuation of your house by a real estate agent or expert.

Document your home

If you sell a house, you must submit an EPC certificate and an attestation of electrical inspection. Be transparent: add these documents to your online advertisement and prepare them for each visit to show them to potential buyers. In addition, plans of the house and any tenders for replacing the roof, installing double glazing or refreshing the electricity can be interesting. It can also be useful to show gas and electricity bills to visitors. For example, the average consumption of your home to heating is the perfect proof that it is well insulated.

Prepare the visit well

Did you do everything well, walked the grass, put all personal items in the closet and put down the toilet seat? Then all you have to do is to put a smile on your face, bake a bread and above all anticipate questions such as:

  • “Why do you sell the house?”
  • “How did you determine the asking price?”
  • “Is there a lot of traffic in the street?”
  • “What are the hidden defects?”
  • “When has the roof been renewed?”
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