Creating Hidden Storage in Your Home

Create hidden areas within you home to use for additional storage to hide valuables or extra private rooms. While it may seem like a daunting task at first, you may be surprised how much “hidden space” is actually in your home, as the unused space under the stairs or between  kitchen cabinets. Be creative with furniture to maximize storage space in your home, and look for a space within the walls to build cabinets and hidden shelves. Although you may be able to create the most remote areas yourself, other projects may require professional help.


  1. Use pieces of furniture like beds, tables and chairs as hidden spaces in your home. Cover tables with tablecloths, chairs with long pieces of cloth that hide the legs and add a dust ruffle or big comforter on the beds to create hidden areas. Use of these spaces, such as beneath your bed for storing clothing, Christmas ornaments and other parties, old toys and anything else you would like to save. Place cookbooks and boxes under covered tables, and use the space under the seats for games, toys and supplies for pets or for additional books.
  2. Hang curtains of various sizes around the areas of your home to create hidden spaces. For example, use a curtain to hide the space under the stairs. Use curtains to separate small niches into sections, either as a private room or storage, or try to hang curtains under large desks to hide boxes. The space between the high kitchen cabinets and the ceiling is another option so you can use a curtain; try to use this space to store additional pots and pans. Remember to cut and sew the curtains as needed to adapt to specific spaces.
  3. Enjoy the hidden spaces inside the walls. Although pipes, sheet metal ducts and wiring behind your drywall and your woodwork, there are also a lot of empty spaces between the rungs of 2 by 4 wall. They are usually easy to spot when you build or remodel a home. Have a professional help you locate these spaces, if necessary, to prevent damage to the wiring and piping; then remodel areas to create cabinets, shelves or cabinets within that space. You may need a professional to help you build a hidden wall that hides the door space.
  4. Determine whether the attic of your house can be used for storage, if applicable. Some of these spaces are not insulated, and same with the spaces above the garage. However, most contain a reasonable amount of insulation. Note the temperature extremes of the space to avoid storing items that suffer with hot or cold temperatures. If the attic or garage contains a hatch with a drop-down ladder, or only one hatch, consider having a professional ladder installed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Beds with drawers or those with plenty of removable storage below, provide another option hidden space for your home.
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