Ten Low Price Home Decorating Ideas

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From the bathroom, to the kitchen to smaller rooms such as hallways and entrances, décor is everywhere in the house. Is your decor budget smaller than you’d like it to be?  With these ten solutions, you can bring a touch of fast and cheap decor in all spaces.

Deco idea at a low price: Repainting furniture

Want to change the mood in a room, a kitchen or create a corner office for teens? If you do not have the budget to invest in new accessories, why not just repaint them? There are now many specialized paints for this type of project. Match your old bed to the new painting of your room or completely transform a kitchen … from the entrance to the garage everything can be painted! The only limit is your creativity (and your level of resourcefulness with brushes!)

Small price deco idea: Energize with color

To stay in the mindset of painting, nothing is easier and less expensive than to energize a wall with a beautiful hue. Repainting a credenza, headboard, window frames, a fireplace mantel or any other architectural element of the house can quickly bring a touch of fresh and contemporary decor. Provided you know how to combine the colors and perform a neat job.

Deco idea at a low price: Opt for plants

To add Zen and natural decor at a low price, think of plants! Garden specialists also offer indoor plants and associated decorative accessories. Pots, glass jars, hanging baskets: many possibilities exist to really stage your plants in your home. This is a particularly cheap decorating idea that can be done in all the rooms, from the living room to the bathroom!

Deco idea at a low price: Change blinds and curtains

Changing the cladding of your windows is a good way to quickly transform the mood of a room. Changing old curtains for designer blinds in a bedroom or living room can sometimes be enough to give a modern touch to your interior for a reasonable budget. Especially as the economic decoration can add to substantial savings on your energy bill.

Deco idea at a low price: Change your lights

To give a touch of contemporary decor, change your lights! Lamp shades, pendent lights, sconces and even the light bulbs themselves offer more design solutions to delicately highlight your home decor. The trend of the moment to test: the copper effect to integrate for example in a kitchen or bathroom design.

Small price deco idea: Changing sink in the bathroom

To cheaply give a new look to a bathroom, consider replacing your old wsink or an older model with a designer one. Previously reserved for the luxury bathroom, there are now designer sinks at attractive prices. A deco idea that does not involve big jobs or big fees.

Deco idea at a low price: Put up trendy wallpaper

Economic alternative, wallpaper can be an interesting option to revisit the decoration of your spaces. Manufacturers are offering more and more material effects and imitations of textures right now.  Last trend identified: wallpaper that imitates cement tile, an option certainly more economical than authentic tiles.

Deco idea at a low price: Put a soft floor trend

Replacing a slightly dated floor can bring an interior decor up to date in a flash. If you do not have a high budget to install waxed concrete or solid parquet, go for soft floors! Resistant and easy to install, they now offer a range of materials, from wood to concrete to cement tiles. All for a much lower budget, but without loss of style!

Deco idea at a low price: Bet on accessories!

Betting on accessories to highlight small jobs is a winning combination of a successful interior design. Target some essential elements: cushions, throws, vases, etc… And add them in style. The major decoration companies offer collections according to trend themes: Scandinavian, jungle, girly, graphic …

Deco idea at a low price: Boost a kitchen credenza

Quick and cheap tip to give a facelift to your kitchen: redesign and modernize the credence. A small decorating improvement that’s fast and can be implemented without redoing everything in the kitchen. Many DIY stores offer tiled styles at reasonable prices. Why deprive yourself?

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