Decorating Open Kitchen Shelves

Open shelves that are generally in kitchens allow viewing of decorative items. Garnish open shelves in your kitchen to set the color outline, theme and style of the room, in addition to use as storage of any need you may have.


  1. Paint the shelves to contrast with the walls or add an pop of color.
  2. Decorate the space behind racks. Place fabric or wallpaper behind the shelving to complement the color of the walls or cabinets. Or you can hang decorative plates on the wall to serve as decoration. Use plate racks or removable putty to hold them in place.
  3. Arrange the dishes as you would if they were in closed cabinets. Use one color or the colors of your kitchen to create a natural look. For example, using plates covered with red, green and cream with an apple in the center if your kitchen is decorated with red and green.
  4. Hang cups with hooks on the bottom of the open shelves, if they work with your decor and style.
  5. Put the occasionally used baking supplies or utensils in containers or baskets. Store sugar, flour and other items commonly used in transparent containers or colored, depending on your preference.
  6. Arrange the decorative elements on open shelves, if you do not want to show your dishes. For example, add a vase, plants, baskets, containers or ornaments.

Tips & Warnings

Add lights to the shelves if they contain decorative elements you want to highlight.

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