Cleaning a Drain with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Would you like to know a home remedy to clean the drain of your house without using toxic products? The mixture of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is a solution. Here we’ll explain how to do it.

Cleaning the house can be fun or it can become an extremely stressful operation. Few men and women can truly say that they enjoy doing housework, however, when we find solutions that help us with this task, we can enter the tasks with a different attitude. There are activities that seem impossible to perform successfully, but the key is finding the right technique and product.

We’re going to focus on one of the most tedious tasks in the home, cleaning the drains. To do this, there are numerous chemical, toxic and polluting products in stores, but here is an equally valid alternative that also takes care of the environment.

Home remedies to clean the drain

For this, you will need two products that we all have in our homes, we are talking about vinegar and baking soda.

To make this mixture you will need: 100 grams of baking soda, a glass of hot vinegar and a glass of boiling water.

The cleaning of the drain should be done at night, before going to sleep so that the product takes effect for several hours. First, pour the baking soda into the drain and then pour in a cup of hot vinegar and a glass of boiling water. It is important that, once the cleaning operation is carried out, do not turn on the water until the next morning. After all night the mixture of vinegar and baking soda will have done their cleaning, a technique that is not harmful to the environment.

If you wish you can perform a weekly cleaning of the drains of your home, this technique will not cause any obstructions.

You already know how to clean the drains of the washing machine, the sink, the dishwasher, etc. But, all prevention work is essential. Therefore, below, we offer some recommendations to prevent drains from becoming clogged:

  • Never throw food in the sink drain because the remains of it accumulate in the pipe and in the siphon and can cause blockages. Your sink should have a plug with holes so that the food does not go through.
  • Do not dispose of oil residue through the sink because a greasy film can form on the pipe where any food remains attached, causing bad odors and clogging.
  • In addition, the soaps that you use can leave sediments in the pipes. Every 10 days it is advisable to clean them with a hot pot of salt water.

Do you think this is the only benefit of vinegar? This is a product that has numerous benefits for your personal beauty and is also a great ally to lose weight.

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