Five Inexpensive Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom

Use storage for clean decor

Some beautiful colored baskets arranged throughout your bedroom are perfect to help keep things in order! Your decor will be cleaner and dust will be easier to eliminate which is a good thing, especially if you are sensitive to mites. Do you have a lot of things? Feel free to put things you do not use in a bin under the bed!

Decorate your room … from the bottom up

Add personality to your room by adding wall decorations! Family photos, travel souvenirs, original artwork…everything is allowed. The only rule? Let your imagination be free. In addition to being an affordable way to bring change to the room where you sleep, you can easily change these decorative items when you want.

Change your quilt and bedding

No need to buy everything new to make changes to your room! Instead, opt for a new duvet and for new bedding. To avoid having to change all the accessories in your bedroom, keep the same color theme. A little trick: take photos of them with natural lighting. You will be able to ensure a perfect match with your new bedding during your shopping session.

Change some accessories

New lamps? A mountain of new cushions? Some well selected accessories can totally change the look of a room. Set your priorities and make a list to avoid surprises at the store checkout … or regrets when you get home.

Antique furniture for retro decor

In addition to being eco-friendly, furniture recycling is a great way to incorporate retro elements into your décor. The combination of recent furniture and pieces found at an antique store or at the flea market is a good way to redo decor at a low price. Warning! It might be necessary to examine your findings before bringing them back to your cozy nest, as bed bugs may be hidden there.

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