How to Organize a Pantry

Organization is an important aspect of food storage. Maintaining an orderly storage area will give you easy access to food and make it easier to see what is available in a short time. It is easy to see what needs to be replaced and there is less waste when the area is kept organized. Another reason to get organized is to save money on food. By knowing how much of each item is available you can determine how much of each is needed. Being able to see how much storage space is available will let you know if it is possible to store more items that are on sale.


  1. Put like items together. Place cereal, oatmeal and other breakfast items on a shelf. The pasta and pizza things with sauces on another. Arrange fruits and vegetables on their own shelves. Putting condiments on a shelf only will make things easier.
  2. Group together items of the same size of each shelf, but be careful to keep different foods separate.
  3. A blackboard hanging on a wall near the pantry. Take inventory in a grid using a permanent marker. Enter the list of foods with the same pen. Keep an erasable marker and an eraser.
  4. Draw a line for each stored item. Erasable marker used for this purpose. Draw a line over an item every time you use an item and add a line each time you add an item to the pantry.
  5. Use small containers for different products to carry, like ketchup and mustard. Use these products when making lunches for picnics and other activities.
  6. Use baskets or other containers to store small items that are not easily stored on the shelves. The spices can be stored in this way, also envelopes of beverages and sauce mixes.
  7. Use another container for teas. They can get out of control if not monitored. Coffee pods can be placed in another container. Use containers with lids for these products and to help preserve freshness.

Tips & Warnings

  • Line the shelves of the cupboard with paper for easy cleaning.
  • Put a couple of bay leaves on each shelf and one in each basket or other container. This will help prevent insect from getting in the food.
  • An additional basket for items to take as napkins and plastic cutlery sets can be helpful.
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