Decorating Your Bedroom with Shelves

Shelves are an important tool when it comes to storing items like books, souvenirs and other details; however, the shelves can also be a decorative element to your room. In the bedroom, you can use shelves to store items off the floor and even to keep at hand the last book you bought. Choose a shelf that coordinates in size and color with the decor of your room. Long shelves for example, will make the room appear wider, but keep in mind they also occupy some space on the floor. High shelves have the opposite effect.


  1. Use floating shelves to create dominant straight lines through the room. Use white and light colors in a bright pink or yellow wall, to create a cheerful look that really stands out. Alternatively, try shelves and long black wall shelves in a more subdued tone like blue-gray, and you will achieve a more subtle and elegant look. Arrange three or four shelves to line up evenly on the wall and fill them with elements that are coordinated with the room.
  2. Alternating several short floating shelves for a casual style. Search for shelves in black, white or natural wood to match your decor. Make a wall filled with several staggered shelves or use four or five of them in a single space. Decorative candles look beautiful on staggered floating shelves; Additionally, the risk of fire is reduced because no other shelves are just above them to burn.
  3. Permanent wall units installed in the room. Place a unit on each side of the wall and accommodate a long dresser in the middle or choose to put a storage unit between two bookcases. Use the shelves of the units to store your items with distinction and good taste. Use baskets to hide the disorder and place various decorative objects for a striking appearance.
  4. Place a one piece shelf, as it can be a high bookcase in your room. Choose one that complements the decor and layout of the room. If you have ample space to fill, try a longer shelf. Decorate the bottom of the unit with wallpaper to give a little color to coordinate with the overall space.
  5. To better organize your room and have an arrangement that catches your eye, type cube shelves instead of shelves or straight ledges. Purchase individual units that are stacked so they can be combined in various arrangements so you can change the look later when you think it’s necessary. For a fun look, paint or wallpaper the bottom face of each cube in colors that contrast with the rest of the space and encourage the environment.
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