The Importance of Cleaning Gutters

The gutters of your home are a very important part of the general structure of the house, because they prevent the water during the rainy season from stagnating on the roofs and walls. The rain gutters collect rainwater and avoid annoying splashes on the terrace and prevents the facade from getting dirty. It is a valuable piece, and we should only keep in mind that it will collect everything on the roof with the water: moss, dust, earth, but also larger debris, from dead sparrows to plastic bags and leaves from the trees. The normal maintenance of the gutters is simple and reduces to cleaning it to avoid clogging. It will be necessary to do preventive cleaning in autumn and spring,

How to clean roof gutters

If the gutters are not clean they will cause moisture stains on the inside, which cause mold growth and other structural problems. The first thing is to remove with a metal bristle brush all the  dirt that is causing the humidity to stay there and cause the channels to rust, rot and corrode. Then wash the channels with a hose that has enough pressure to finish carrying the dirt, starting with the initial part and carrying everything to the spout. This step must be done several times, because in most cases the leaves stuck to the surface and are difficult to remove, in others you must remove the elbows and pieces of the gutters to remove the dirt. If there is rust inside the channels, you must remove it with a spatula and then cover the entire surface with special roofing cement so that it does not oxidize easily.

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