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Wood Pallet Kitchen Shelves

Wooden pallets are convenient and often free sources of wood used. Many hardware stores and lumber stores routinely pull large amounts of wooden pallets, which can be reused in a variety of ways. The platforms are durable and usable for many types of furniture, including kitchen shelves. The dimensions of a wooden pallet made for a kitchen shelf ideal for an open-display to hold spices and cookbooks. You can easily make your own kitchen shelves with wooden pallets in an afternoon.


  1. Lay the platform so that the side with the slats is facing up. This side will become the back of the kitchen shelves.
  2. Slot two D ring hangers to an edge of the platform, along one of the short sides (the edge becomes the top of the platform, so that the rack wall hanging as a rectangle). Drill hooks in the platform with a drill fitted with a Phillips head bit, using the screws that come with the D rings. Place each D ring in two inches from the outer edge of the platform.
  3. Flip the platform over. Balance it against the wall with the D-rings along the wall and at the top of the palette. There should be nine shelf openings in the front of the platform, between the four vertical and four horizontal slats.
  4. Set a cordless drill with a 1/32 inch drill bit and drill two holes in the bottom edge of each of the ninth slat. Space the holes evenly between adjacent vertical slats. These holes will prevent the wood from splitting when you drive the nails on the shelves.
  5. Drive a common 3-inch nail into each predrilled hole. Make the nails vertical and lead them to the bottom of each shelf. Hold your nails or other objects into place on each shelf opening when the platform is installed.
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