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Making Space for Clothes in an Apartment

Finding enough space for clothes in an apartment is sometimes difficult with little available space. This is particularly frustrating if more than one person lives in the apartment. Getting rid of excess clutter and using organizational tools is an effective way to create more space for clothes in your little home. Using all available space to store items is possible with a little creativity and the right kind of furniture.


  1. Look through your belongings and discard those items that are broken, stained or need repairs. Donate clothes you do not like or that do not suit you. Get rid of the gadgets, electronics and other items that you do not use often enough to store them. Start with one drawer at a time, or room, and donate or discard everything that is not functional, does not have sentimental value or does not add beauty to your apartment.
  2. Install decorative wall hooks on a bedroom wall or any bare space; hang hats, bags, belts, jackets and coats.
  3. Wash and fold clothes that you will not use this season. Store in plastic tubs under the bed; some containers come with wheels for easier access. Use high and difficult to reach shelves for such garments as well. Once the season changes, take them out of storage and replace them with clothes you were wearing.
  4. Stack storage boxes with covers in your closet to use vertical space along the closet walls. These boxes are available in a variety of sizes to store everything from blankets and quilts to shoes. Label the boxes with adhesive labels or cards and tape. This allows you to detect with a glance what’s inside the containers. Place them so that the containers with frequently used items are at the top. Another idea is to install shelves that allow you to use the space more wisely.
  5. Buy multipurpose furniture with hidden storage or a cedar chest for storing bulky items and provide additional seating. End tables and Coffee tables with hidden storage offer more vertical storage space than just a desk or table.
  6. Invest in a rack, available in discount stores or home stores and put it behind a wall to hide clothing.
  7. Add an extra closet rod in your closet. This doubles the hanging space and helps organize your closet area. Hang shirts, sweaters and jackets on the top shelf, and hang skirts and pants on the bar below.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place a tablecloth on an unsightly storage box to transform it quickly into a table. This gives you a place to store seasonal clothes for sports or other events that you rarely use, but you do not want to let go.
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