What Counter Type is Best for Your Kitchen?

When choosing the right countertop, one should make sure that they are happy with their decision. This decision can be based on decorative, efficiency or money purposes. Whatever the choice may be, Handyman on Call guarantees a good installation that will last a lifetime! Even if the brand designates that it has a certain guaranteed shelf-life, Handyman on Call ensures that their customers get high-quality sealing and protection on their countertops so that they last longer through the wear and tear of life. Before we consider buying a certain countertop, conditions in our lifestyle and house type should be considered. These can often range from income, availed money to spend, cooking needs, desire level for decor and efficiency. The average household family prefers a useful and common countertop rather than an expensive one. For these families, there are alternate choices available. Let’s go over house types and conditions to narrow down what countertop should be chosen based on living situations.

If you are living to help support your family, but don’t need something simply decadent, just efficient, it is recommended that one should go with wood counters or laminates. These are very economical types of counters and can provide you with years of service if maintained well. The pros to the laminate counters are that they come in a lot of color choices, are easy to maintain and durable, while the pros for wood counters are the easy to clean areas, ideal for repairs and can quickly be sealed and/or sanded at any time. However; with everything good, something bad must follow. The cons of Laminates are that they are nearly impossible to fix when it comes to small chips or scratches, the seams can show and finding the right pieces for finishing ends can be tricky. Wood’s pros may be good, but over time, wood can become damaged by water and will stain over time. However, for wood, scratches and chips can be easily sealed and oiled to preserve the original state of the counter. Concrete counters are even an option, but can often bring down the appearance of the house. The great thing about concrete counters is the heat and scratch resistant feature. Who knows? With something new and out of the ordinary, it might just look good. Concrete can be color-tinted after all and is the least expensive of these three alternative options.

For those who can afford something more extravagant and decent in design, it is recommended to choose tiles, soapstone counters or even eco-friendly counters. Tiles are a good option for those who seek an interesting design. This set can be very beneficial to your household as they are budget-friendly, but also have the qualities of resistance towards heat, scratching, moisture absorbance and stains. That is a lot to be said for something so light-weight. Since these are a classic, it can be a DIY project, but it is not recommended as many accidents can occur in the sealing process. It is essential to ensure that the tiles have been sealed properly as most of the cons come from the gout which is susceptible to mildew growth. Aside from tiles, soapstone counters are often one of the more common choices as a historic feel looms about its design. Usually soapstone is dark gray, consisting of a smooth feel to the touch. This is great for modern homes and is valued for its rich décor that it adds to the room. However, although it is somewhat stain resistant, it requires daily maintenance. This process of maintenance consists of applying mineral oil to the counter. With this being said, soapstone, if mismanaged, may darken and/or crack over time. Then we have the eco-friendly counter tops. These are a conversational-piece as the contents of the design will astound those who come across it. Made of fine bamboos or recycled materials, these counters are often hard to find, but not too expensive to get. With low price, comes a high amount of cons as the mixed and recycled contents can easily chip/break, while the bamboo has to be regularly sealed to prevent the bamboo from warping.

Lastly, the final and most expensive choices are for those who want that brand new and epic kitchen. The beautiful granite, marble and metal counters! Each choice has its own beauty and definition in the kitchen, but all make suitable soldiers against your kitchen cutlery and messy family members. The granite stone may be expensive, but it holds up against the pressure of heat and is considered to be second-rated after Diamonds in strength, resistance and durability. It is the very definition of beauty in the American kitchen and comes in a multitude of colors. I guess the only real con is that it can dull your cutlery over time if used as the cutting board. But, if installed properly, there should be no cracks or stains during and after usage. Following granite, another nice choice can be marble. This material is very easy to stain, but it is waterproof, heatproof and just plain beautiful! Although it may have a high price tag, you can just purchase it as an island in your kitchen to add that elegant touch that is needed to make any kitchen a kitchen. Marble can be easily scratched though and will require sealing to prevent stains, but its luxurious look is unlike no other. Then, lastly we have the metal types of counters. A good example of a metal would be stainless steel. This type of counter is ideal for any cook as it is anti-bacterial, easy to clean and takes hot pans. Just don’t use it at night as it is very noisy. That being said, it may also dent…Just because it is metal does not mean you can cut on it, as fabrication for it is quite expensive! Other types of metals available to choose from are pewter, copper and zinc. Each can give a unique touch to your home, whether it is modern or traditional.

If you still haven’t found your dream counter, you may want to consider other types such as natural stone, cultured stone and engineered stone. All imitate the likes of expensive stone and look gorgeous in any home if done right! They all require constant maintenance, but bring out the best in combination when it comes to composition. Finding the right countertop is often challenging and installing it is no cookie. Consult Handy Man on Call for a free consultation and the option to view our many selections of possible countertops.