What Type of Flooring Works Best For Your Home?

Did you know that improper flooring is one of the most common causes of household injuries?  When it comes to picking out what type of flooring will best suit your house or a room in general, Handy Man on Call provides a multitude of options, sure to accent your house in a tasteful and charming way. Depending on what your specific needs are, finding the right flooring is necessary and makes life a lot simpler. Bring life to each room with versatile textures and bright colors. There are 3 main types of flooring category wise that you should know about. First we have carpets, each full of rich textures, bound to please any foot by providing comfort and support, as well as the quiet your space needs since it softens hard sounds. Next is the most versatile of materials—tiles, stone, ceramic and vinyl flooring! These are stylish, classic, easy to clean and add a nice touch to any renovation of the house—whether it be a room or a whole area. Lastly, there are the elegant hardwood floors which every household secretly yearns for. Its fine-finish is envied by most as it is America’s #1 choice for flooring in terms of hard surfaces. Anyone can afford it as it is no longer only considered for usage by high-end home construction. Since no house is alike, let’s go over specific needs and choose what is best for you through your current lifestyle and conditions.

Carpet is one of the more common and less expensive of flooring. This flooring is ideal for elderly, young children and people who suffer with chronic conditions. Why is this? It provides a peaceful indoor environment, full of soft and thick bedding which can help to soften kid’s/elder’s falls and also provides a non-slip surface. These features help to make life easier and a home, well, a home. Carpeting is also great for insulation of the house, due to the way it hugs around the floor and room. A more scientific explanation is what we call the R-Value. The term R-Value means the amount of heat loss by the given material. With carpeting, the combinations of padding altogether help to reduce the amount of heat lost or transferred as well as to keep the house cool during the summer. It is a decorating investment that not only looks nice, but also feels great, too! Whether it is safety, decoration or money-saving reasons, carpeting is one of the more common solutions for inexpensive and beneficial house-flooring and is best for those with families.

Tiles, stone and vinyl – these are all very promising flooring options, but at the same time, are best for those who do not wish to clean often. They are easy to manage if installed correctly and only require a sweep or wipe here and there. It is beneficial to go with tiling as there are less dust-bunnies and dust-mites that you have to worry about. This is a great option for those who suffer from allergens or are allergic to dust-mites. Just by having a stone floor, you can simply renovate just an area or even a whole room. The materials for these types of floorings are easy to obtain and there are many inexpensive options available. All in all, it is recommended to those who enjoy to cook, but don’t want the mess from spills or accidents. This flooring is a great choice for decoration and cleanliness mainly.

Finally, we have the hardwood types of flooring. It is this ideal type of flooring that makes any room in the house elegant. In the past hardwood floors were hard to maintain and not comfortable on the feet. However; nowadays, you can have hardwood floors installed so that you no longer have to worry about damaging the varnish when you clean or splinters in the foot. Some say that it is almost like walking on slippery silk. This is a great addition to any main room in the house and can be a good appealing feature of the space. The best part is that like the stone flooring—this requires little to no maintenance and creates an allergen-free environment for your loved ones. Unlike the stone flooring, this has more of a chance to insulate your household, but also may or may not be more costly.

Now that we’ve gone over all of those—choose the flooring that’s best for you and let Handyman on Call install it correctly! That way it will last for years and years to come, as well as make your house a home.