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Decorating tips for your office

Decorating an office is not just adding some pictures on the wall. When choosing decorative items for your office, it is important that you select elements that reflect the personality of your company. Whether for your personal office or your work office, there are many ways to create an attractive environment without spending a fortune.

Warehouse office

For the storage in your office, be sure to select the most decorative furniture, instead of aluminum filing cabinets. These filing cabinets may work best in a hospital, but for an office with style, choose shelves and desks made of wood or that have an aluminum surface.

Allow customization

Let your team use some personal things to help promote moral, showing off the personality of coworkers and what they like. You can limit the amount to only a bulletin board or shelf of personal items, and consider restricting racist, sexual, political or religious messages so no one feels uncomfortable.

Motivational Poster

Framed posters are not only attractive, but can also improve morale and instill a creative workforce. These can be hung on the wall opposite doors, in the bathroom, or in the break room. Small plates with inspirational phrases are available in decorative stores or office supply stores online and in many US cities.

Plants in the office

Some plants can thrive in an office setting. It is always interesting to observe uniformity and constant change of its foliage, in addition to improving air quality. Having plants in your office is a great way to add decor, whether you choose a tree, an aromatic herb for the window, aromatic floral bouquets or hanging ferns. It is also a necessary element of Feng Shui.

Office color

The color on the walls has a big impact on the mood in the office. Painting helps transform a room cheaply. There are theories on the effects that colors have on productivity and morale of the team. Try to match colors in the room to create an environment that is attractive but not too relaxed. According to Janet Lynn Ford Worx, “The combination of colors may be overlooked when it is pleasant, but may be highly offensive when the composition seems to clash.” Use a color wheel to choose complementary colors and opposites, and search for neutral colors with less thought. Pink, for example, can be relaxing and stimulating, but is perceived as a feminine color and for many men may not be suitable for an office.

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