Determining Wall Shelf Placement

You can add decorative interest to the walls of any room in your house with shelves. They provide a space to display various items, from photos to collectibles. Wall shelves come in different sizes and colors, allowing you to customize a look for your home. When hanging wall shelves, consider the design to create a display that is not only visually appealing, but practical for the intended use.


  1. Decide where you want to hang the shelves. Choose the wall you want them to be displayed and determine exactly where you want to place them: in the middle of the wall or to one side, for example.
  2. Determine how you want to organize the shelves. For example, you can hang them in a vertical column, a horizontal line, a diagonal line or in a square. Choose a decoration that will attract the eye and serve as the best way to showcase the items you want displayed on the shelves.
  3. If you’re hanging shelves above each other, measure the height of the tallest item you are trying to display and space the shelves accordingly. If you are placing the shelves in a horizontal row, decide how much space you want between each. For example, spacing them too far apart may make them look like random elements, while placing them too close can create a stacked look.
  4. Install wall shelves. Once you’ve decided on a design, hang the shelves. Make pencil marks on the wall to indicate exactly where you want to hang each shelf. If possible, hang them on the wall studs. If there are no studs along in the chosen area, use anchors to secure the shelves to the wall. Use a level to make sure the shelves are hung straight.
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