How to design a master bedroom with a bed facing a window

Some master bedrooms have windows in front of the only place where it logically makes sense to put a bed. In most cases, this is not problematic, and natural light is welcomed to the room. However, certain things you need to consider when designing a bedroom where your windows are behind the bed to make sure the room makes visual sense and works properly.


  1. Use drapery from floor to ceiling behind your bed to give the room a feeling and a stylish look. The floor to ceiling drapery can also make the room seem larger. For a more contemporary look, do not use drapery with folds and select pleated heavier drapery for a more traditional feel.
  2. Hang curtains or use blinds for a more rustic look. In your bedroom the curtains and blinds work best in a large room that does not need help visually to expand. For a more contemporary look, use Roman shades or vertical blinds made of modern materials such as metal.
  3. Avoid putting tables that are too light next to the bed. They make the windows difficult to open and close.
  4. Keep objects such as lamps and vases with fresh or silk flowers out of the way of the windows. There are both functional and aesthetic reasons for this. You can easily pull and break the items when opening and closing the curtains, and if the items are too high, they will be out of place in front of the window treatments.
  5. Center the bed under the window as much as you can. If the bed is the first thing you see upon entering the room, an off-centered bed will make the decor look crooked and uncentered. Even if your windows are a little off-center, having your bed face the windows will look better.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your windows are a bit off-center and you are using curtains, extend the curtain rods on each side of the window to give the illusion of a window centered properly. That way you can focus your bed against the wall.