DIY Concrete finish with gravel

Gravel concrete finish can be performed without problems as a “do it yourself” project by the owner of any house. The mixture consists of gravel and Portland cement and special finish is performed similarly to ordinary concrete. It is possible to finish the project in a couple days. Everything depends on the size and scope of your plans.


  1. When preparing the cement mixture, there are two ways to add gravel to your concrete mix. You can order it at a concrete supplier and request that the large gravel is replaced with gravel. You can also add the gravel to concrete and mix everything yourself. If you’re preparing yourself, add half the bag of Portland cement, sand, and 3 gallons (about 11 liters) of water. Mix with a hoe or a cement or concrete mix truck. After the mixture is ready, add 3 to 5 gallons (about 12 to 20 kg) of fine gravel.
  2. Pour into the chosen area for your project and rake until it reaches the top of your wooden mold area. Use a shovel and a rake to evenly distribute the concrete mixture. After leveling the mixture up to the wooden forms, use a trowel to work the concrete until smooth. Rub the concrete trowel in a circular motion until you have a “mud” like layer on the concrete surface.
  3. Work the surface with a float or concrete trowel. This tool can be rented at any home improvement store, hardware store or warehouse building. It consists of an aluminum plate about 4 feet (1.22 meters) wide that is attached to a long handle. The float or trowel generate a completely smooth surface that should cure for at least 20 minutes or until no more water appears on the concrete.
  4. Spray the surface with a hose and a spray nozzle. Use just enough to wash the top layer of “mud” concrete pressure. Try it in an area no more than 12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm). If you notice that the cement is clear or leaving deep cracks, pass the trowel or hand trowel along it and then try after 10 minutes. Use a bristle brush to remove medium-hard concrete and to brighten the gravel surface, but do not rub. The purpose of this step is to remove only the thin layer of concrete that covers the surface of the gravel.
  5. Apply a concrete sealer to the surface after 72 hours using a garden sprayer type pump

Tips & Warnings

If the store has no concrete with gravel, purchase the cement and add gravel yourself.