Creating a rustic bathroom

The principles to create a rustic bathroom are very simple: Everything needs to be old or look old. In this new era of glitter and glow, there is definitely a desire to return to the days where things were simpler and better. You can create a rustic bathroom that will take you to the simplicity of the old days with very little effort.


  1. Select a style. Rustic means a variety of different themes. It may be the western genre: country, cabin, or farm. Despite the fact that you can like each one of these, it is not wise to decorate using each of them in the same room. Choose one for your bathroom.
  2. Change the fixed items. If you really want to make a rustic remodeling, the best way to reflect the new style is inspiration from rustic artifacts. Visit home improvement stores in your area to get ideas of what is available. They generally have many ideas displayed in demos and they can you what you want. These may be the first thing someone will notice, especially if it goes with the rest of the decor of the bathroom.
  3. Paint or put up new wallpaper. Maybe you already have the perfect walls for your new decor, but if not, you should decorate with paint or wall paper to define the spirit of the room. Consider this the canvas on which everything else will be painted. The paper defines what the rest of the décor will be. However, if you have budget problems, this may be a step that can be ignored if your walls are smooth and already a generic color.
  4. Work with what you have. You may not need to go out and buy many new items to decorate your bathroom. The key to be “rustic” is that it looks old. If you have a treasure trove of antiques and oddities that do not match, you already have the necessary items to decorate your bathroom. Remember that these objects need not be traditional things in a bathroom. You can use horseshoes, old photo frames, and hats, as long as they go with the theme and style.
  5. Finish your bathroom cabinets with “new” hardware and rustic lighting. Those are the final touches that give cohesion to the room. If you can find original handles and cabinet knobs, that’s fantastic. However knobs you’ve scratched or you’ve worked to make them look worn at home are perfect accessories for your rustic bathroom. As for the lighting, a traditional bulb will look out of place. Visit a local lighting store to choose a suitable light to go with the rustic theme.