Deep cleaning your carpet

Cleaning your carpets can allow your carpet to look new again. For wall to wall carpeting, we recommend washing them with shampoo instead of spot cleaning. Cleaning machines spray a hot solution of detergent and draw out dirt while cleaning the carpet. Here are a few steps to get your carpet looking like new.


  1. Buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine also known as a steam cleaner at a hardware or grocery store. When you rent the machine, the cleaning products needed are usually included or you can buy them at the rental store.
  2. Completely spray the carpet.
  3. For really dirty areas you should increase the amount of cleaner used.
  4. Fill the hose or tank of the machine with hot water tap.
  5. Use the machine and carpet shampoo as directed by the manufacturer.
  6. Empty the dirty water from the machine tank as needed.
  7. Check the carpet with your hand to make sure it appears clean.
  8. Wait overnight for the carpet to dry before walking on it. To dry completely, open windows and use fans.

Tips & Warnings

  • Special solutions are available to treat stains and pet odors.
  • Saturating the carpet can cause water to seep through damaging the floor underneath.