Choosing the Best Brick Fence Design

Homeowners build fences for many reasons such as protection, privacy and aesthetic. A brick fence can provide all this, but choose the design carefully because they are costly so give a good look at your home and your budget before deciding what type of fence to build.


  1. Determine your reasons for putting up a fence. If privacy is your main concern, choose a design of solid brick and one that’s high. Pet owners who want a yard for a small dog can build a smaller, solid wall.
  2. The design should combine closely with the appearance of your home. Choose poles, arches, and colors that blend or complement each other and your home. Fences and walls made of stone, brick and stucco enhance Craftsman style and English Tudor houses.
  3. Allow your garden and home design to be shown. Choose spaces that will frame the beauty that is inside it, rather than cover it.
  4. Combine other materials with brick for an aesthetic appearance. Build designs with steel, aluminum or include a wrought iron gate between the posts. This design enables you to watch inside your property, while providing security.
  5. Choose a color that compliments your home. Bricks come in shades of red, white, gray, brown and orange. Select bricks that have multiple colors within them or bricks that have a more uniform appearance. Use a color scheme for a custom design.

Tips & Warnings

Discuss the plans for the fence with neighbors, they maybe are worried about their views being blocked. Investigate local building codes before building a fence, determine whether a permit is required.