living room interior

Making faux fire

Faux fire achieve a visual effect of flickering flames and colors like fire. It also makes an effective focal point on a fake fireplace. The advantages of the false fire include no real fire hazards, keeping the chimney clean and air smoke-free, and the opportunity to add a three-dimensional and decorative dynamic to the room. Give your fireplace the ambiance of a crackling fire with a few elements basic.


  1. Take the measurements of your fireplace. Plan for the fire to be at least half the height of its opening, Stand at a distance away and decide how wide and high you want to make your faux fire to make it look real. For example, if the distance between the floor of the fireplace and its ceiling is 30 inches, make a fire 15 inches tall. Make the fireplace at least half the width of the fireplace opening.
  2. Buy small logs or cut firewood the length you decided in Step 1.
  3. Fix a mirror to the back wall of the fireplace, if desired. This will increase the lighting effect and the sense of movement of the fire.
  4. Draw flame shapes on cellophane with a marker. Make the shapes at different heights with each flame color based on the height range you selected in Step 1. Create different heights and shapes to achieve a realistic flame effect. Make sure they are as wide as the base and pointed at the top.
  5. Cut the cellophane around the shape of the flames.
  6. Stack the logs in the fireplace to give the appearance of real fire in proportion to the fake fireplace. Leave a space in the middle of the logs to place the fan.
  7. Place the fan on the floor of the fireplace, looking up. A small fan with a rechargeable battery are a good option to use.
  8. Paste the cellophane on the logs, alternating colors. Let the flames dry for at least 20 minutes.
  9. Place a fake candle flickering in the middle of the logs and light it. Turn on the fan.