Ducts/Air Vent Cleaning

Dirt Streaks Around Air Vents and How to Prevent Them

If you have air vents installed in your premises, you no doubt have noticed dirt streaking around them. The dirt streaks form ugly marks on walls and ceilings, especially when those surfaces are brightly colored. This will not leave a good impression whether in an office establishment or a residential building.

What’s worse, too much dirt streaks around vents and ducts can indicate that your whole air supply system is not working as it should. For this reason, dirt streaking should not be ignored. Cleanup should not only focus on the surfaces surrounding the air vents, but should also enter deep into your air supply system.

What could be causing the dirt streaking?

Usually trouble shooting the problem will reveal what is causing the dirt accumulation.

First, heavy dirt streaking on a new air vent and duct system could mean that the system is malfunctioning, the installation was not installed properly, or the quality of the air vent and ducts is poor.

Secondly, external environmental conditions could also impact how much dirt goes through your vents, such as if you live in a heavily polluted area. The interior of your room could also be to blame. If your building is dirty, you have dusty carpets, pets that shed fur or sources of smoke such as cigarettes and candles, this might cause faster accumulation of dirt in your vents.

Thirdly, air vents and ducts that are always working round the clock will have more air turbulence flowing through them per day, hence more dirt. For instance, you might find it impossible to air your house by opening windows if you live in noisy areas or areas with air pollution. In winter or hot summer, you have to keep your windows and doors shut, leaving air vents and ducts as the only air supply line.

Fourth, humidity in the room will influence how much the dirt adheres to air supply outlets.

Fifth, spaces around walls or floor boards at the duct entry points can cause the air being sucked into the vents to go in with dirt particles.

Lastly, if you don’t routinely get your air vents and ducts cleaned, then you should expect to see visible dirt streaks at the outlets.

How to resolve this problem

Cleanup of air vents and ducts should begin with locating what is causing the dirt.

  • Technicians should examine the ducts for leakage, spaces, poor quality material and proper installation. If any of these are the source, then repairs will be needed.
  • If the problem is coming from your room, such as if the room is dusty, the professionals might recommend thorough cleanup of the room. Dusty rooms are a hazard to occupants because ventilation systems disperse dust particles faster.
  • In commercial buildings, it’s advisable to install antismudge rings so that air is forced downwards as it exits the vents. This saves on the cost of cleaning up streaks from ceilings.
  • Regular and consistent cleanups performed by a professionally trained crew is important because all air ducts and vents will always accrue problems after a period of time.