How Much Does an Interior Decorator Cost?

There is no easy way to estimate how much it costs to hire an interior decorator because costs go beyond just paying for the services of the decorator. For example, any products purchased by the decorator needed to complete your project will be added to your bill. Decorator’s fees also vary widely, and depend partly on their experience and location. The best ways to predetermine the fees of a decorator is to request an estimate for your project, but some costs are standard throughout the industry.

Decorators vs. Designers

Determine if you need an interior decorator or an interior designer before hiring someone. Interior decorators work strictly with the decor, so they chose the colors of paint, furniture arrangements and perform other tasks that are related. Interior designers have to be licensed to work in your state because they are more involved with architectural design and construction of buildings, which requires them to have knowledge of building codes. Services decorators and designers are qualified to provide usually affect the cost of them. For example, a project that involves adding a specialty wall requires a designer who also hires people to plan and build the wall. Additional support will increase the cost of the project.


Interior decorators and designers charge for their services in a similar way. Some charge a flat rate, but also earn commissions based on a percentage of the cost of furniture and other decorative items they use to complete a customer’s project. A magazine article from “Smart Money” entitled “10 Things That Interior Designers Are Not Going to Say” notes that customers who are not charged fixed rates can pay hourly rates ranging from $75 to $250. estimated rates of interior decorators ranging from $35 to $500 per hour. Hourly rates can become expensive if you have a big project, and you may also be charged for work related to your project carried out by the assistant decorator or designer.

Decorator Pricing

Decorators usually receive discounts on furniture and other items they buy for client projects. However, it is likely you will receive a bill that only displays the total project cost. Tell a decorator in advance you want to know how much you will be charged for the furniture and other items before they’re purchased. The “Smart Money” article says the cost of such things can be given up to a 40% discount despite decorator.