6 Tips for Cleaning Ducts and Air Vents

Moisture, dirt and dust found in the air are carried into vents and ducts which can cause mold, and dust contamination over time. If these contaminants are not cleaned out, they might result in health complications in people with allergies and sensitive respiratory systems. Additionally, dirty air vents and ducts will not effectively move air in and out of your heating and cooling systems.

As such, it’s important to clean air vents and ducts every few months. For each cleaning session to be successful, you should follow the below 5 tips:

  1. Check for the presence of mold

If your house has inadequate ventilation, this can cause moisture accumulation resulting in growth of mold. As air travels through ducts that have mold growing in them, it causes mold spores to detach and blow into the house. If the spores are blown into moist areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or basement, large parts of your house to get mold infestation.

Though mold is visible, it might not be easy to see it in areas deep inside the vent. The best way to detect mold presence is through lab analysis. Depending on the extent of infestation, you might either have to clean out the mold or replace the damaged areas.

  1. In case of mold infestation, find out the source of the moisture problem

Even if you clean out the mold and replace moldy areas, the problem will still recur if you don’t address the moisture problem. In addition to cleaning your vents and air ducts, find out what is causing moisture accumulation and fix it. Though this will increase your costs, it’s better compared to the damage you could end up with in the future.

  1. Check for clogging and debris accumulation

If pests such as cockroaches, flies and rodents die inside air ducts and vents, they could cause clogging. As they decompose after they die, you will notice particles releasing into your living areas from the air vents or air ducts. You can also tell you have a clogging problem if air is not circulating as well.

  1. Identify professional air vents and ducts cleaners

To hire qualified professionals, check for valid licenses, a good reputation and lots of experience. This is the only way to guarantee that your air vents and ducts will be cleaned properly, keeping them efficient at heating and cooling.

  1. Get cost estimates

Costs will depend on certain factors such as: how extensive the air ducts or vents are, whether you have mold infestation, the amount of dirt contained in the system, and ease of accessibility. Ensure you understand how the cleaning professionals arrive at their estimates.

  1. Confirm the job has been done right after every cleaning

After cleaning is completed, you should notice a change in the air quality. The air ducts and vents should also appear visibly clean. Additionally, allergic symptoms should start to subside.