How to organize your room

Arranging the furniture in your room can be a challenge, particularly if you work with large furniture in a small space. Ideally, your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and should be organized in a way that promotes the naturalness of the space and turn it into a pleasant oasis for you to retire at the end of the day. With just a few adjustments, any room can be transformed, even if you have no experience with design.


  1. Arrange the bed first. Typically, the bed is the center of the room and the point of focus. Ideally, your bed should be located on an interior wall, particularly in colder climates where the outside walls can be cooler. If the size of the bed does not allow that, try to center it between and below the windows.
  2. Add nightstands. Even if you live alone, have two of these tables, one on each side of the bed, so you can center the design of the room and make it look balanced. Small lamps can be placed on tables to generate a little height to the area.
  3. Your bathroom should be located near a closet. This will make it easier to get dressed in the morning. If you cannot do it in your room, the bathroom should ideally be located on the opposite side of the bedroom.
  4. Walk around the room to assess the amount of space left and see if the room is balanced. If you have enough space to move, you can add some more objects, such as a TV or baskets for linens and pillows. If space is limited, add the minimum and essential furniture, and other areas of the home should be used for storage. Stand at the door and look around the room. Check if it is composed, or if it needs a final touch.
  5. Add one more piece to emphasize and unite the entire organization of the room. Whether it is a favorite bedding, pillows or a special object that has meaning to you, put it in a prominent place in the room. This will help close the design.