How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost?

Interior designers can make drab interiors look new and fresh, and even have their own TV shows and product lines for the home. For those with a sense of style and a good eye for detail, interior designers become not only a good choice, but also a lucrative career. Understanding the revenue potential of an interior designer can make challenges faced in school and training worthwhile.


Interior designers are part artist and part architect, and base their philosophies on what’s learned in the classroom and must remove themselves from their own aesthetic style. The average salary of an interior designer is between $ 31,000 and $ 57,000 for a designer with a four year degree. Other factors such as the workplace and experience can significantly increase the revenue potential of an interior designer. Interior designers who make a name for themselves in a given market, and are identified with high-level design, can expect to earn much more than the average range.


Some interior designers are employed in furniture stores as designers and construct surrounding furnishings. This type of employment is very constant, especially compared to contracted independent designers, but tends to deal with only one type of interior design. For example, an interior designer who works for a furniture store may have to be focused on a couch, table or other furniture in order to sell these items to customers. However, compensation for this kind of work is slightly above average, with an expected salary of $ 36,650 to $ 38,980.


About a quarter of the interior designers were employed by architectural and engineering firms in 2013. Salaried interior designers working in architecture or engineering companies can expect a more stable employment and a higher salary than average of $ 46,750. Some of the benefits of this type of employment include retirement, health insurance and the possibility of increased exposure through high end interior design projects.


However, just over a quarter of interior designers are self-employed. While the work plans for interior designers who are self-employed is more irregular than those employed in retail, reputation and success impact your earning potential. As a rule, interior designers working on their own charge an advisory fee according to their level of skill and reputation, as well as a percentage of the cost of furniture, accessories and other products used to redesign an interior space. The average salary of an interior designer in 2013 was just over $ 42,000, but employment may be sporadic.


Although 10 percent of interior designers with the lowest salary earned less than $ 25,000 a year, they were usually self-employed or paid by commission in retail account, while 10 percent of interior designers with higher pay earned more than triple that. The best-known interior designers or those who have a unique vision and a reputation for his designs can earn more than $ 78,000 a year and have a stable job.