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DIY Ready Mix Concrete

Many projects require the use of a ready mixed concrete. However, companies that manufacture this product often add unnecessary additives that are not friendly to the user or to the environment. If you want to make sure that the product you are using contains only pure ingredients, you can buy them separately in the store and do the mixing yourself.


  1. Place a bucket in a suitable area.
  2. Determine the amount of mixture needed for your project. Convert this amount to units that are simple to work with, such as cups or gallons (which will measure with gallon buckets).
  3. Multiply the required amount obtained in Step 2 by 0.15, or 15 percent. Add this amount of cement powder into your wheelbarrow or bucket.
  4. Multiply the amount obtained in Step 2 by 0.14 or 14 percent. The result if the amount of gallons of water that needs to be added to the cement powder. Mix using a shovel.
  5. Multiply the amount obtained in Step 2 by 0.28 or 28 percent. Add this amount of fine aggregate, such as clean sand, to the bucket or wheelbarrow and mix using a shovel.
  6. Finally, multiply the amount obtained in Step 2 one last time by 0.37 or 37 percent. Add this amount of coarse aggregate, such as gravel to the bucket or wheelbarrow. Stir everything using the shovel.
  7. Pick up some of the mixture with the shovel and fold it back into the mixture. Continue stirring the concrete using this movement for 10 to 15 minutes. This adds the amount of air required to the mix, in the same way a similar movement adds air to the cake batter.
  8. Use your mix as you wish.