Free Resources for Kitchen Remodeling

One of the greatest challenges in planning a kitchen renovation is choosing among the many products available for this type of project. However, free advice from designers and remodelers is available online and in home improvement stores to help reduce options and create functional, attractive and kitchens of any size.


The National Kitchen and Bath Association, known as NKBA, has an “inspiration gallery” on its website. The gallery includes pictures of kitchen designs that won the association’s 2010 design competitions. Here you will find ideas of revitalizing small, medium and large kitchens. NKBA also has a section on its website that focuses on ecological remodeling and energy efficient kitchen products you might want to include in your renovation plan.

In-Store Displays

Check the model kitchens at local home improvement stores to help you get ideas on attractive combinations you might want to use. This also gives you the opportunity to ask salespeople about durability and maintenance. For example, you might be thinking of installing a granite countertop, however, you should consider if you want to deal with the maintenance of granite. This material is prone to stains if food or drinks are spilled and are not cleaned quickly.

Virtual Designing

Test several kitchen renovation ideas with virtual design tools online. “Virtual Room Designer” is available on the Lowe’s website, which allows you to create a kitchen design with various products and then view it from different angles. For more ideas, check out Lowe’s selection of tiles you can put in your virtual room as backsplashes for countertops.

Decorative Magazine Websites

Websites of decorating magazines, such as “Traditional Home,” often guide readers through the entire kitchen remodeling job. This is a way to get information on how to solve lighting, storage, or other problems you run into as you create your restoration plan. These sites also offer a list of the products used for renovations if you are interested in using any of them for your project.

Home Improvement TV Shows

Websites of home improvement shows will keep you up-to-date on kitchens trends and show you how to save money on a renovation. For example, the website “This Old House” provides step by step instructions on restoring kitchen cabinets. The instructions also include estimates of the cost and the amount of time it takes to complete a project.