Designing modern kitchen cabinets

Cabinets in a kitchen need to be updated every few years to maintain an overall modern look. The type currently used are called hybrids because they include colors and contrasting styles being used together. The home design magazines can give you ideas about what is hip regarding cabinets. However, you should match the architecture of your home.  Appliances must also be taken into account.


  1. Draw your kitchen space and includes all the openings for windows, doors and any other openings you might have. Using graph paper allows one paper box to represents 4 inches (10 cm) of real space. Start with the sink area to design cabinets and show the plates to help you visualize your final design. Draw the plates with smooth fronts, rather than with sunken surfaces, and elegant handles so everything has a modern look.
  2. Choose designs in two different colors or finishes that complement each other for a hybrid effect, if desired. Check books and interior design magazines for ideas. For example, use dark cherry cabinets with other light oak. Another popular set of contrasting finishes are black and white. Designing with stainless steel metal cabinets and mixing with wood gives a more luxurious look.
  3. Plan your cabinets around your appliances, as you’ll want space for the dishwasher, refrigerator and stove in a convenient location for food preparation. For example, you might put three cabinets to the left of the dishwasher and three above them to keep it balanced. Draw doors and drawers beside the sink area two cabinet doors under the sink. Choose a wider cabinets, since the narrow ones make it more difficult to access plates and serving dishes.
  4. Use colored pencils to add color to your kitchen design. The way cabinets, floor and appliances are combined, in terms of color, help you decide how your kitchen looks. Plan to incorporate knobs and handles on the doors, drawers and cabinets that match the metal of your appliances. Using elongated stainless steel handles for drawers and doors, for example, give you a high-tech look.
  5. To give your kitchen a modern look, avoid using decorated wooden molding along the top of the cabinets. Use tile or granite countertops, along with a modern faucet on the sink, to emphasize modern cabinets. Installing tile, wallpaper or floor that has lots of patterns or design, or an old design, can cause the cabinet design to look outdated. Look through design books to establish a fresh, modern look that will look fashionable for years.