Keep Your Foundation Healthy

The great importance of keeping the foundation of your home healthy should not have to be explained, after all, your entire house rests upon it. The greatest threat to the foundation is moisture and cracks forming which may need foundation crack repair, but other factors can also cause it to deteriorate rapidly and it is very important to keep it healthy to keep the house healthy. The following tips and warnings address the major threats to the foundation.

1.  Check your foundation for cracks regularly.

Minor cracks should be caught quickly and fixed before they start to expand and pose a real problem. These cracks develop naturally in concrete slabs and can be fixed by one of the many commercially available crack repairing agents for concrete. Epoxy glue specially made for the purpose is especially useful for repairing cracks.

2. Keep moisture levels constant.

More specifically, keep the moisture consistent. If the foundation gets too dry, it may pose problems and cause cracks as soil around it shrinks. Installing rock beds near the foundation will help water seep into the soil around the foundation and keep it healthy. Foundation watering systems are also available to keep the foundation healthy.

3. Keeping away excessive moisture.

Make sure your drainpipes and gutters are well sealed and lead at least five feet away from the foundation when discharging. Make sure there is proper gradation around the house so that the rainwater does not accumulate near the house and is instead led away by the slope. A moisture barrier can also be installed to make sure that the moisture is not migrating towards the foundation and these barriers should be at least six feet deep.

4.  Inspect your plumbing systems regularly.

Get a professional to come in and inspect all the plumbing lines in and around the house. This includes sewage lines and sprinkler systems. Any leaks that these lines may have should be fixed immediately to stop excess moisture from making their way towards the foundation and causing a real problem.

With these tips you can take the first steps towards guarding the foundation of your home against damage to make sure that it holds up year after year and no major and expensive repair is needed in the near future. As always, it is best to consult a professional before making any of these changes and they can advise and help you to install the necessary safeguards.