Basement Renovation Ideas

There is no point leaving a basement unfinished. Apart from the value that a finished basement adds, one of the main reasons to go in for a basements remodeling job is for the great addition of another desirable room to the house. Basements are incredibly versatile and can be turned into a room that can be used for almost any purpose. Here are just some of the many ideas that can make your basement the best loved room in the house.

1. An extra bedroom.

Whether you are about to welcome a new member to the family or just as a guest room for visiting family and friends, an extra bedroom is always useful and any family home will always have a great use for it. You can also add a en suite bathroom to the bedroom downstairs to make it a complete living quarter for visiting guest.

2. A separate apartment.

If your basement has a separate entrance (one can also be added without much effort,) it is a perfect candidate for a studio apartment. Not only will this be great for the privacy of long term guests but it can also be rented out for a little extra money for the family.

3. Kid’s playroom.

If you are about to welcome a new tyke into the family, why not convert the basement into a playroom for him or her. They will enjoy the coolness in the summer and with the addition of kid friendly furniture and a friendly color and aesthetic scheme, they will love spending their time there. A separate study area with a desk and charts can also make it a complete room for your kids where they can work and play.

4. Media room.

This is one of the most common uses for a basement, since there is very little need to soundproof or lightproof the room, it is already ideal as a place to host home movie nights. Adding a projector or a large television and a good sound system will make the basement one of the favorite rooms for the movie fanatics in the family.

5. Game room.

A game room for the family and visitors is the perfect project for a basement. A pool table and other games like foosball and arcade games can be put down there as well as a bar for the older patrons. If building a combined media and game room, video games can also be played on the big screen installed and the room will fast become a favorite among friends.

There are many other uses for a basement and these five are just some of the many ideas. They should inspire and help you decide what you want to do with your basement instead of just leaving it unfurnished. A professional contractor or interior designer can help you plan and decide on the best use of the area.