Accessible alternatives for fences

Usually fences function as aggregates with style and functionality for a garden or landscape and mark properties, create privacy, maintain control of children and pets, or to keep out animals and other intruders. While the vast majority of fences are wooden poles and stakes, to maintain these materials can be very expensive. Please consider these accessible and affordable alternatives.

Bamboo fence

Using bamboo for building fences is a simple and economical alternative. Bamboo grows quickly and is very invasive; meaning that in many parts can be found at low prices. A bamboo fence will not only be cheaper, but also require less maintenance because it does not require paint, oil or varnish. According to “AZ Central”, before building a bamboo fence you must ensure that it will be aesthetically compatible with your garden. It will naturally look best near a garden with stones, but not in a Victorian house.

Siege of weeds

“Gardening Tips and ideas” states that if you don’t find bamboo accessible and affordable around your area, you can try to build the fence with any local weeds. Any type of trunks, branches, bushes or undergrowth material is useful. You can find these materials around the site planned for the barrier or in a wooded area, which undoubtedly will be more accessible than the price of processed timber.

Recycled iron fence

Junkyards and salvage yards are ideal to find free material suitable for a good iron fence. According to “Gardening Tips and ideas” it is advisable to look for iron fences discarded by their former owners for being oxidized. Note that with plants you can always hide the most damaged areas; oxidation should not be determinative on the aesthetics of your fence. You can plant and guide climbers and creepers so that your fence looks natural and pleasing to the eye.


This type of fence consists of placing natural stones on top of each other, without any padding.   “Garden Guides n ‘Tips” you should not be discouraged by the tedious process of building value ​​as long as the economic advantage of the option, as the rocks are always, if not free, very cheap. If there are rocks around the site, do not think twice. Do it!