How To Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Want to give your bathroom a fresh look? Are you hesitant to buy a house because the bathroom is unattractive and out of fashion? Are you looking to sell your house, but you know you can save money if you update your bathroom? There are many ways to avoid expensive bathroom remodeling, if you plan wisely. Check out these ideas for remodeling your bathroom on a tight budget.

Check the tiles. Old, cracked, broken, and missing tiles can damage the look of your bathroom. If you arrange everything properly, you’ll be amazed at the improvement. It does not take long to learn how to install a tile or how to prepare cement either – a bit of trial and error, and soon you will feel comfortable doing it yourself. The main thing with the installation is to be patient and accurate – this is not a job that can be rushed.

Paint the walls again. A coat of paint transforms the room. If your bathroom walls are covered with wallpaper, remove it with a vaporizer (you can rent one for a weekend). If you use paint, you will have to remove all areas that are dirty – a little cleaning and sanding and you are good to go!  Make sure the walls are free from mold and mildew before painting – if they have recurring mold, check the source and add a rust inhibitor to painting.

Restore wooden furniture. Sand the wood of your cabinets and stains that may have appeared, and paint it again with a color that complements the bathroom walls. Be sure to use latex paint.

Replace the accessories on your bathroom furniture. Buy door handles, racks for new towels and new lamps.  Place a new mirror, and your bathroom will have a whole new look.  Search the market, thrift shops, auctions, garage sales or online, and you can find both antique and modern artifacts at a very good price.

Buy some new faucets to do it yourself. You can update your shower and bathtub fixtures in an afternoon. Most of these packages bring very detailed instructions.

Use the floor you already have. People always look closely at the bathroom floor because it is a sign of hygiene (or lack thereof). Therefore, it pays to be presentable in the best way possible.

Place accessories. Replace all your towels, curtains and carpets. Buy a shower curtain and new curtain rings. You can buy everything separately, or buy in coordinated series. Add a few pictures or plaques on the wall (but do not overdo it). Buy a new trash basket. An assortment of new accessories can enhance the look of your bathroom even if you do not change the walls and floor.