Home Additions

Home additions have become quite popular over the last couple of years for a number of reasons. The following are some of the reasons that have seen people doing additions:

  • When a private entrance becomes necessary for one reason or another.
  • When the family needs more space for gatherings.
  • When a master suite is desired.
  • When an extra bathroom is required.
  • When more closets are needed.

Research shows that the most popular additions include master bedrooms, kitchen expansions, and additional bathrooms. Below are some basic tips for those who wish to build an addition or several additions:

  1. A two storey addition will solve most space issues. Such additions can either be attached to the house or built to stand alone with a few passageways uniting the levels.
  2. Those who can’t afford to spare their lawns or gardens may consider building a second storey to expand vertically. This will not only increase space and comfort, it will significantly raise the value of the house.
  3. To expand a home horizontally, wing additions will do the trick, especially where more space is needed and the lot can comfortably accommodate such additions.
  4. A single room addition is perfect for an extra bedroom, dinning room, etc.
  5. A bump-out addition can be used to expand small rooms or to improve the home generally. Such addictions are small-scale projects that are done by expanding the walls.
  6. Sunrooms and porches will connect the outdoors to the home and also provide extra entertaining and relaxing space.

Expert advice and service is important when constructing any kind of addition. An expert will be in a better position to foresee any challenges and hurdles the proposed addition may encounter when underway. For example, bump-outs usually put a lot of stress on one section of the foundation and it is important to ensure that the ground is strong enough to withstand such additions, and that the materials being used are of the best quality available in the market.

If caution is not exercised, a bump-out and other additions can cause cracking and heaving. Adding outside piers can support the extra weight and thus help to avoid such consequences. Another strategy would be to reinforce the foundation using steel rods or steel bars.

Having a clear idea on what to expect when constructing an addition or several additions is always wise as it allows one to cushion the budget a little so as to cover all extra costs without having to pause the project.