Practical tips to protect your home from fires

Fires are one of the most common causes of property damage. This article will go over a few steps to make sure that you do everything necessary to prevent fires and make putting them out easier if they do occur.

Keep your vegetation trimmed

If you have a lot of trees on your property, make sure they are properly trimmed. Evergreen trees are highly flammable and you should make sure that they are well spaced out. If they are not, there is a chance that the fire will move from tree to tree very quickly. Often, a fire will jump between the crowns of the trees which are the branches of trees next to each other.

Keep firewood away from the house

Make sure that you move your firewood away from the house when it becomes warmer outside. Even small sparks from nearby wildfires can set firewood alight which can then cause the house to be set on fire.

Use non flammable materials for landscaping

Materials like rock and stone should be used from landscaping near any buildings on your property. They are great defences against fire. Each spring, make sure you clean out all the leaves and needles that have fallen near the building and from under the decks.

Make it easy for firefighters to get to your house

Make sure that your address plaque or mailbox is clearly visible from the road and not blocked by vegetation. You should also make sure that your driveway is wide enough for a firetruck to pull up if your house is not accessible from the road. Also, leave enough space for the truck to be able to turn around.

Keep your defensible zone clear

The home defensible zone is an area around the house that has been cleared of any fire hazards. The shape and size of the zone will depend on the type and size of structure you have. Make sure there are no old cars, piles of wood and other flammable debris in this zone.

It is important to make sure that your house is as protected from natural disasters as possible. If you have doubts about all the measures you can take to protect your home, you should consult a fire and flood restoration company that can help you with advise and measure to take. Always be vigilant and proactive when protecting your property.