Additions to concrete that can make your foundation stronger

It might be a good idea to add further strength to the concrete that you are laying down to form the foundation of the house. After all, the foundation of your house is what guarantees that your house keeps standing for many years. To prevent the need for foundation crack repair you can use these following additions.

Slag cement

slag is created when Iran old is melted down in a blast furnace when creating steel. The steel industry then, cools down the slag in the furnace with water. It is then refined, right and made into a powder. When added to concrete, it will make the concrete less susceptible to permeation by moisture and chemical seepage. This stronger form of concrete is called slag cement.

Fly ash

fly ash is another material that can be added to concrete to make it more dense and durable and when used to lay down a foundation, it can make the foundation last longer and be more resistant to the elements. Fly ashes primarily produced in the electrical power sector, specifically in coal burning power plants. The fly ashes then recycled and can be added to concrete quite easily and poured into the foundation for your house.


Created in the process of making silicon and ferrosilicon alloys, micro silica is obtained by reducing high purity quartz in an electric furnace. Although not very widely available or a popular addition to concrete, it is sometimes used when available by contractors as a supplement to slag cement or fly ash. It has the same effect in terms of increasing the density of the concrete, is durability and its ability to withstand the elements and remain strong for a longer period of time. You can always ask your local contractor if he is able to obtain micro silica.

Natural additions

There are many eco-friendly options for additions to cement available in the market. While making cement to build a foundation can be harmful to the environment, using these additions will limit the impact that laying down your foundation will have on the environment. These materials include but are not limited to rice husk ash and volcanic ash. There are also other materials such as certain types of clay that can be added to your foundation did not only limit its impact to the environment but also to make it denser and stronger.

You can always ask your contractor is there any other additions to the concrete that you are laying down that will make it more durable and stronger. Someone with a lot of experience in laying down foundations will definitely be able to recommend the best addition to the concrete that will help create a stronger foundation.