Alternatives to a concrete foundations

While concrete is one of the most popular choices due to its strength and durability when it comes to foundations to homes, there are several other choices that have been used across the country for a long time that can give similar strength and stability to your home. The following is a list of the most popular alternatives to concrete foundations used by contractors and crack repair specialists nationwide.

Wood foundation.

Foundations made out of wood have been used for decades in the United States. These foundations are usually made from load bearing frames made out of lumber. These frames are pressure-treated so that they are not affected by moisture and damaged by burrowing insects like termites. These foundations are relatively easy to construct and can even be prefabricated so that they can be installed more easily and quicker. They can be used in many weather conditions and are sometimes cheaper to install than block or concrete bases for structures.

Steel foundation.

Very useful in regions with hazardous conditions and in regions where insects can be a major threat to the health of the foundation, foundations made of brains off cold formed steel are quickly becoming a popular choice for contractors. Due to the advancements in technology for producing steel, the price of steel has been steadily decreasing for the past few decades. This is one of the reasons that contractors are using steel frames to create foundations for new homes. This may be an option worth looking into if you live in a high hazard area.

Steel panel foundations.

One of the easiest foundations to install, steel panel foundations can also be cheaper than some of the other alternatives to concrete foundations. They are easily prefabricated and consist of steel sheets that have extruded or expanded foam sandwiched between them. There are also some foundations that are made up of steel studs that are surrounded by foam. Precious time can be saved when installing steel panel foundations because they come prefabricated and installation is quite easy.

There are also some other alternatives to concrete foundations like frost protected shallow foundations that may also be available to you. It is best to ask the contractor or experienced builder to help you decide what the best material to use for your foundation is.