Tips to keep your basement dry

There is a real risk of mold and other harmful bacteria growing in your basement if moisture accumulates in there and the basement is one of the areas of the house which has the tendency to attract and store moisture. Basement waterproofing is very important in order to maintain a safe and healthy home for the whole family. These tips should help is keeping the risks of moldy basements down.

1.  Make sure water from gutters are directed away from the foundation.

Your roof gutters and downsprouts should be pointed away from the foundation of the house and you should make sure that the water is getting diverted away from the house and being let down at least 6 feet from the foundation to avoid water pooling against the walls and making its way into the walls and foundation. Make sure all the pipes are connected together well and that there are no leaks from the gutters down to the ground.

2. Make sure the ground around your foundation is graded.

Ideally, there should be a drop of at least 6 inches over the first ten feet from your house and this will allow any rainwater collecting around the house to make its way away from the walls and the foundation and not seep into the house.

3. Do regular checks for mold and dampness.

Mold can spread very quickly around the house, so make sure that you do regular checks for damp areas in the house and fix the causes before mold starts to grow. If you are not sure about how to go about this, then ask some professionals to come in and have a look and check for mold.

4. Basement windows should have wells.

If your basement has windows that are below grade, you should make sure that you have wells built around them that can help drain any water . Make sure these are always kept clean as clogged wells can cause water to seep into the house through the walls and the window and also can act as breeding grounds for insects.

5. Get a sump pump.

A sump pump can help keep the basement dry but make sure that it is working properly and the pipe that discharges the water lets it out far away from the house, so that the water does not make its way back through the walls.

Keeping your basement dry is extremely important and will make sure that mold does not threaten the health of your family.