Things to look out for when remodeling

If you have already decided that your home needs a remodel, you can take the list of things mentioned in this article as a gentle reminder of things to expect and not as a treatise against remodeling the house. Most of these things are obvious but are included here just in case you have not planned for them yet.

1. Noise

There will be a lot of noise from all parts of the house as the contractors go about their business tearing down walls, sawing, sanding etc. So, if you work from home, this might be a good time to find a place outside your house to work from. Similarly, remodeling should not be done around small children and babies who will not get any sleep while the work is being done.

2. Dust and dirt

There are measures that can be taken to minimize the impact of dust around the house like using zipwalls and closing off the area with a compression fit temporary wall. You can also get hold of a air filtration system that will suck out the dust from the air and deposit it elsewhere but none of these solutions are a 100%. So if you or someone in your family has respiratory problems that can be exacerbated by the dust in the air, you should stay away and keep them away from the house.

3. Changing your mind.

Do not be afraid to ask for a different addition or change while in the middle of the remodel. The sooner you speak up, the cheaper and less time consuming implementing the change will be. You are about to spend a lot of money on the remodel, so make sure that you are completely happy with it. Of course, try not to change your mind too often or you will end up spending a lot of money.

4. Delays

There will be delays. It is a given fact. Things may take longer to be shipped, there may be weather problems, you might want changes etc. The reason why may not be fixed but the fact that there will be delays is absolute.

Knowing that you will encounter these problems will better prepare you to deal with them when they do arise and they most probably will. But always keep in mind the end product and why you are remodeling  the house.