5 tips to keep your carpet clean

It is not hard to keep a new carpet plush and clean. It can be very expensive to have to replace carpets, so it is very important that you keep your carpet looking good for as long as possible and keep it from getting worn down or dirty. These tips should help you maintain your carpet.

1. Use rugs on the carpet.

Using rugs laid on top of a new carpet can really protect it from direct contact with messes and general dirt from under shoes and feet. Furthermore, you can use the rugs as aesthetic enhancement and move them around once in a while to change the look of the room. This is especially useful to protect carpets that will be very expensive to clean or in rented spaces where a dirty or worn carpet can mean losing the deposit on the space.

2. Use carpet freshening powder regularly.

Carpet freshening powder will help keep the carpet and the room fresh and stop either from starting to smell bad. They are usually left to set into the carpet for 15 minutes and then thoroughly vacuumed. Some powders also have time release technology that will keep your carpet and room feeling fresh over time. Using this method about once a month should do the trick.

3. Vacuum regularly.

Vacuuming your carpet regularly will ensure that all the dust, debris, hair and dirt that gets trapped in the carpet does not stay in the fibers of the carpet and start to make it look dirty and worn out. Leaving dirt in there with regular activity on the carpet will also start to wear out the fibers quicker.

4. Encourage residents and guests to take off shoes.

Shoes carry dirt and dust from all over the place and wearing shoes on a carpet is obviously going to make it dirty and wear them out sooner. While this may be a unpopular rule, it will put years on the use of your carpet.

5. Use a carpet cleaning machine for better cleaning.

While this may be an expensive option, it may pay to rent a carpet cleaning machine for a day once in a while. A machine can really take out stains from a carpet and make it look like it has just been installed.

With these tips, your carpets should keep looking fresh and new for a long time.