basement remodeling

5 benefits of a finished basement

If you are shying away from finishing your basement or keep putting it off because of the cost involved, you may have not realized that the basement is worth more to you finished than unfinished and the sooner you do get it finished, the sooner you can start enjoying these possible benefits from the basement.

  1. A finished basement will add a huge amount of value to your house and according to estate agents, gives you more value per square foot than other improvements like kitchen remodels and additions. It will add more living space and bigger families will also be interested in your home if you are considering selling it.
  2. It will add more living space to your house and if you have family or friends over and they need to spend the night, you can always convert your basement into a sleeping area for guests instead of having to cram them into your bedrooms upstairs.
  3. You can also set it aside as an entertainment room, a storage area or a study and a finished basement will hold expensive equipment and furniture without threat of break-ins, the elements or moisture getting to them and also will keep cleaner and be easier to clean.
  4. You can also turn the basement into a separate basement apartment and get some additional income by renting it out. While this may not be a suitable option for families, if you are single and own a house, you can always get a housemate in and collect some additional monthly income.
  5. A basement is cool during the summer if it is wall insulated and is the perfect place to spend those hot summer afternoons and avoid the heat without running up the energy bills. Set up an entertainment center in the basement and enjoy the cool temperature.

The only limit you have when finishing the basement is your imagination. Unlike rooms in your house, the basement can be used for almost anything and decorated in any way. If you had an idea that you wanted to implement in the house but it did not fit the decorating scheme, use it in the basement. Your basement can turn into a refuge from both your loud kids and the summer heat and you will always be looking forward to spending time in there if you do it right.