Ducts/Air Vent Cleaning

4 reasons to keep your air ducts clean

You need to really pay attention to how dirty your air ducts get and clean them regularly because the air that flows through them makes it into your home, your body and your family’s body. These reasons should be enough to convince you to check them regularly and get the cleaned as often as possible.

  1. Dirty air ducts are one of the exacerbating factors for people with allergies. Your air system will pull in air from outside along with the dust, dirt and pollen from outside. Not only that, but the air inside your house is being recycled so the concentration of these allergens increases to astronomical levels which will make your allergies worse. Especially if the air intake is at floor level, there will be a huge amount of dust, pet dander and in some cases, mold that will be circulating throughout your house.
  2. Avoid respiratory problems by cleaning out your air ducts. Poor quality of air can lead to allergies, headaches, nasal congestion, hay fever and dry eyes which will affect you and your family. If the air ducts are dirty, bacteria and germs can breed in there with abandon. If you let it get very bad, there may even be mold like black mold which can cause death. People will chronic problems like asthma and emphysema need to be especially diligent about cleaning out their ducts.
  3. Smell can also start to permeate the house from inside the air ducts. If a small animal or insects make it inside the ducts and die in there, the smell will get recycled throughout the house and if you are not careful, may even cause permanent damage to furniture and upholstery. Cigarette smoke and smells from pets also get sucked in and transferred around the house repeatedly.
  4. You will also be spending more in energy bills if there are impediments to the smooth circulation of air in the house. If there is blockage in the system, the motor that powers the blower will also be under a lot of stress and may have a shortened life span.

You can always clean out your air ducts yourself or bring in a professional who will make sure that the air ducts are cleaned properly and that all parts of your air conditioning or heating system is working at their best. It is best not to take chances with matters that affect your health.