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5 reasons to add a fireplace to your home.

If you are thinking about adding a fireplace to your home and need a little bit of extra encouragement, the following reasons why adding a fireplace to your house is a great idea should help give you that little bit of enthusiasm for the idea that you need.

1. It will add value to your house.

FIreplaces are a great way to add a lot of value to your property and makes your house all the more desirable. The National Center for Real Estate Research has noted that homes that add fireplaces usually increase their value by an average of 6-12 percent. Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that prospective buyers are often swayed by houses that include a fireplace.

2. Reduce heating bills.

While fireplaces may seem expensive to operate, the fact remains that while a central heating system will sometimes heat areas of the house that are empty, a fireplace is a great way to heat up a specific zone and the whole family can cozy up near the fire, saving a lot of money by not having to heat up the whole house.

3. Not as expensive as you expect.

Many people have the misconception that a fireplace is very expensive to install but that fact is that it can be done for as little as $5000 and with the money saved on heating bills, it will pay for itself in no time. Nowadays, you can even get gas and biofuel fireplaces that require no chimneys and only pipes installed, so that is even less investment.

4. Great ambience.

A fireplace can work wonders for the look of a room and instantly make it homier and cozier. It is a great place to bring the whole family together or just curl up with a book while basking in the warmth in the cold winter months.

5. Great aesthetics.

Fireplaces nowadays come in many designs and sizes which means that you can find one for almost any type of room. You can get traditional ones for rooms that you want to have a more traditional aesthetic while there are more sleek and modern ones that would be perfect for rooms with more modern furniture.

There are many more reasons apart from these five for installing a fireplace and with the variety in fuel, design and price range available nowadays, there is a fireplace for everyone.