bathroom remodel

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Homeowners often think about upgrading their bathroom or kitchen. Some homeowners have the skills to do a surface renovation, such as painting the walls or even adding new drywall. However, more extensive bathroom remodeling projects such as tiling the floors or even installing new plumbing is often left to those with more experience.

Remember to plan out the type of bathroom remodeling that you want to do. Make plans on sticking to a budget even if this means to stretch the renovation out over a period of time. There is no sense in hiring a person whose skill in bathroom remodeling is not top notch. They could very well do a substandard job. Choose only a reputable contractor who will provide you with references. Chances are that they will work quickly and efficiently providing you with a brand new bathroom that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Have a contractor do a primary look to judge what issues they may encounter while renovating your bathroom. They may be able to tell whether your bathroom has water damage, simply by walking on the floor. However, they cannot know if there is any water damage behind the walls if there is no water stains present. Therefore plan to have enough money to cover unexpected expenses such as replacing the plumbing or installing new waterproof drywall.

Another popular bathroom remodeling material also includes porcelain tile. It is important that you choose porcelain tile that is of an appropriate size. This will eliminate the amount of grout that you have to clean in your bathroom. You may also choose to eliminate your tub altogether and make room for a larger shower instead.

Many homeowners often choose to update their toilets and showers to more water efficient models. You may also want to install a closet inside the bathroom to hold the towels. It is a lot more comfortable reaching out of a hot shower to grab a towel than it is to run down a cold hallway. Of course, this depends on whether or not your bathroom space is big enough to do this kind of renovation.

Bathroom fixtures as well as water heaters should be replaced. Newer models are generally more energy efficient and will save you money in the long run. You may also want to think about getting a water tank that holds at least 80 gallons of water. This will ensure that you have enough hot water when you need it without having to wait for the hot water tank to fill back up.