Home Decoration 6

Home Decorations on a Dime

When wanting to update the look of your home, many choose to buy affordable home decorations to give it a new look. There are many options for buying affordable decorations; you can shop at a thrift store to the priciest place in town and every place in between.

If you are a DIY person, many people get home decor ideas off the internet. Pinterest is a popular place to find ideas. Crafty people have made all types of home decorations. Usually the instructions for doing the project are explained, somewhere on the internet. You can also check the home décor magazines. Most, if not all are online now, and easily accessed.

There are easy, quick things you can do to change your home décor. Switch out wall art. Do you have pictures or a painting that no one ever sees? Maybe in the bedroom or craft room. You can re-frame it to match current living room colors. Placing an old picture in a different room will give the room a brand new look.

Make new sofa pillows. There are so many options now. Use fabric you have already, from an old dress or shirt that no one wears anymore. Burlap is a popular fabric that you can stencil or paint. Simply grab some burlap and make a wall hanging or a picture. It is rather inexpensive, and will add some flair to a room.

Lampshades are easy and fun to change. Use fun and creative scrapbook paper or ribbon stashed in your craft box. Simply wrap the lampshade in ribbon to give the lamp a new look. You can also use wallpaper samples to recover the lampshade, without spending too much money.

Wall stenciling is easy now with the adhesive quotes or lettering available. Changes the look of a room instantly. Easy on, easy off.

If you are really ambitious, re-upholster the furniture. If your dining room chair seats are removable you can recover with fabric and a staple gun. There are all sorts of home decorating fabrics available. It is usually 72” wide and you can get a lot out of a yard. Look for sales and it’s an even better bargain. Home decorations do not have to cost a lot of money. Simple ideas can give any room in your home a brand new look.