The Advantage of Using Drywall in Your Home

At one time, drywall was an unknown material. This was prior to 1916, when interior walls were finished with lathe and plaster rather than drywall. It took a lot of work to install lathe and plaster in a home and home builders continued to use it well into in the latter part of the second world war.

However, drywall became the choice of builders during that time. The reason for this was due to a shortage of manpower as it took more people and a lot more hours to put up lathe and plaster than it did drywall.  Therefore, drywall became the known material for making walls in newly manufactured homes.

Many builders found it to be more economical due to the fact that it was stable, inexpensive, and fire resistant as well. The cost of using drywall is miniscule compared to the cost of lathe, plaster, and the materials needed to complete the job.

All you would need was the drywall sheets, finishing materials, and the fasteners, which is fairly inexpensive as compared to building the wall by using the old methods. When using the lathe, you would need the lathe, wire mesh, as well as a massive amount of plaster. The old method would prove to be far more pricey, and therefore, this method of building walls was stopped completely.

The convenience of using drywall to build a wall is evident. All it takes is a clear area down to the bare walls, a couple of drywall sheets, drywall tape, and drywall plaster to smooth over the spaces that are left when you join the drywall sheets. Once the drywall is plastered all it takes is little effort to smooth the plaster once it is dry.

After it is dry, all you need to do is use primer to seal the drywall and once that is done, you splash on some paint. Easy, clean, affordable, and durable is the reason why many builders now choose to use drywall instead of lathe and plaster.

Drywall comes in a couple of different sizes as well as thicknesses, which makes it even more convenient. All it takes is a little effort in order to complete building a wall that is made of drywall and a perhaps a full day to complete a full size room.  Another convenient thing about using drywall over plaster is that there is less cleanup time needed as well.