Choosing a Type of Flooring to Suit Your Needs

There are many different types of flooring that is used in both homes and businesses. One of the preferred types of flooring options is laminate flooring. Not only is this type of flooring inexpensive, it offers a wide range of selections for you to choose. Laminate flooring also comes in wood like options that are inexpensive, yet visually appealing.

Bathroom flooring is different from the flooring that is used in other areas of the home. The reason for this is that bathroom flooring has to be made to withstand heat as well as moisture from humidity and moisture. There are several options for you to choose from and some of them include natural stones like granite, slate, or marble. Although there are many flooring options such as a wooden floor, bamboo, cork, laminates, or vinyl, these choices are not often suitable for a bathroom other than hardwood. The reason for this is that these types of floors are not suitable to withstand moisture. They are susceptible to damage from the water and humidity because they are very porous.

Laminates can become slippery and are hazardous to walk on. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a natural stone product such as ceramic tile when you are choosing a type of flooring for your bathroom floor. Stone flooring is non-porous and is able to sustain heavy traffic. Many ceramic tiles also come with anti-skid features, which help to make this choice so appealing.

Travertine tile is also a perfect choice in flooring. It is natural stone and is not only versatile, but durable as well. There are several types of travertine tile available. You may choose from honed travertine or polished travertine. The honed travertine is a matte finish that is equally as durable as polished travertine. However, if you choose travertine that is a tumbled or brushed finish, then the durability of the tile is not as strong. Polished travertine on the other hand, is the strongest type of travertine tile available. It has a strong finish and is quite similar to marble. The colors of travertine tile is quite vast, this is due to the amount and kind of mineral deposit that is found in the tile. The best places to have travertine tile is your kitchen or bathroom.

Hardwood flooring is also another option for homeowners. This type of floor looks lovely in an entranceway as well as for the living room or dining room area and the hallways as well. Hardwood flooring comes in many colors, and hardwood is easy to maintain if you keep up with regular maintenance. Hardwood floors also enhance the value of your home and can be used almost anywhere in a home, other than the kitchen, bathroom, and basement.

Carpeting is also another choice for floor coverings. There is many styles and colors to choose from. Carpeting can help to make the room a little more cozier and can be added to a playroom, bedroom, living room, as well as a dining room. The only place in which carpeting should not be put is the kitchen or bathroom.

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